Thursday, August 11, 2011

Well haven't I been just the worst blogger?!

Hey lovers and friends.. I have been such a bad blogger!
I take a lot of behind the scenes photos and then just haven't had the time to blog.. Anyway, I've done a lot since!

I'd have to say the most exciting recent jobs I did were styling 2 Enrique Iglesias music videos in one weekend! It was crazy long 14 hour days, home to sleep, and then back early in the AM!

The first video we shot for 2 days was "Dirty Dancer." I got to style those dirty dancers :)
They were extremely talented pole dancers doing crazy acrobatic moves. 
The theme for my styling was futuristic, sexy, pole dancers. I pulled some beyond amazing pieces but ran into some struggles because the talent had to be able to dance in the garments. Typically when I think futuristic, crazy shapes and contoured shoulders and neck pieces come to mind. However, there is a reason pole dancers wear minimal clothing (which I soon learned). The use their skin and body parts for grip, so that eliminated a lot of my options. 
Check out the video and you will see I did get to use a small shoulder piece by Roman & Ramirez on the first girl.. Then on the last girl who plays lead I got to put on some amazing pieces from a designer out of Dubai on her after she leaves the pole and walks out of the virtual screen to Enrique.

 Me (wearing Ai for Ai) and the amazingly beautiful Enrique Iglesias after a long 3 days of work:

 Look on the first talent:

Richard Carlton on Make Up:

Wardrobe I pulled for the video (that silver glass dress was put on singer Nayer but didn't make the cut, and later JLo wore that exact piece on her recent tour):

The fabulous James Sartain on hair:

The AMAZING Angela Peralta ( on Make Up

Look on the lead talent:

ANNNNNNNND the moment you have all been waiting for.. 
The music video, itself (already at 22 million views):

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Photo Shoot for Bunker Hill Magazine

Hey guys!

Yesterday, Super Bowl Sunday, we shot for Bunker Hill Magazine. Chris Steinbach was the photographer, I was the stylist and art director, we had the amazing Rokael Lizama on make up and hair, Kevin did the behind the scenes videography, and the lovely Fiona @ LA Models.

We were going for an edgy but glamorous look, so I used luxe lace, corsets, and leather as our key styles for the shoots. Bunker Hill is a downtown Los Angeles magazine, so we shot where else, but the grunge of downtown LA!

I was oh so lucky to get some fabulous lines to pull from. Here's a sneak peak:

 Never the usual garment rack

Rokael Lizama working on the make up and hair on Fiona to complete our look. Kevin (our videographer) in the background

 Fiona rocking a FAB Alana Hale vest, tank- Blu Moon, pants- White Trash Beautiful, necklace- T.Cyia, shoes- Matiko

LOVE this amazing lace dress by Kelly Nishimoto

 LOVING the LA skyline and Fiona rocking Kristina Dmitrieva's embellished dress!

We're hoping to have the photos published in Bunker Hill's April 2011 issue! Stay tuned for the amazing images :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Had a fabulous shoot today with Michael Stonis!

I had a great time on my shoot today with photographer Michael Stonis, assisted by Chris Brown. Carolyn @ Industry ended up modeling for us, and I shot with her twice just a week or so ago, but it was great because we already knew each other. Jose Monzon did a fabulous job on hair and makeup. I have already worked with every one at least one other time so I was confident with our rockin team!

Like I mentioned before, we were shooting a 90's-esque grunge but still pretty style. We shot in Stanton (O.C. Area) and got an old janky motel and shot inside the room, a bit outdoor, a bus, and a hole in the wall hamburger joint. It was a long day but will all be worth it, I'm pretty excited to see the outcome, and I'm sure I'll be bugging Michael for the photos soon, so stay posted! We will be submitting these, so I may not be able to show you just yet :)

You know the routine, here are my lovely camera phone behind the scenes photos:

 Another fabulous garment rack (Motel shower bar)

Jose working his magic to make our look perfect!

Michael shooting Carolyn in the motel room

Carolyn being a bad ass

 Me adjusting Carolyn for our last look

Friday, January 28, 2011

Grand Opening Today at Candid Intimates!

Today was the grand opening of Candid Intimates at the Glendale Galleria. I had the honor of art directing and styling their entire campaign for the stores, both print and web.

I love their Parisian inspired lingerie, very classy and chic. I used it on a shoot last week with photographer Chris Steinbach and model Paloma @ Industry. Hair and Make up was done by Rokael Lizama, and styling done by me. In a previous blog I had posted the behind the scenes for this shoot, here's the result!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Great shoot today!

I had a great shoot today with Nicole Hill (Photograhy), Desire Foote (Hair & Make up), Katherine Clark @ Vision (Model), and of course the styling was done by me, Sheree Carella ;)

Like I wrote yesterday, we were using Spring to throw bursts of color on our wardrobe palette. I did some solid brights mixed with neutrals, and some abstract prints. Desiree did a great job on the make-up, it had a reddish-bronze smokey eye to play off of Katherine's hair color. She had amazing porcelain colored skin with beautiful light blue eyes, the make-up really brought out her features. Katherine did an amazing job as an editorial model, she really nailed the feeling and mood that we were going for. Nicole did a fabulous job with the photography and used the gorgeous natural light that mother nature offered us, and we also got to shoot some bits of video as well as stills.

I'm super excited about seeing the outcome, and we will be submitting as soon as possible! I hope it gets picked up where we planned, cross your fingers! Final edits will be posted when I get them :) Stay posted

Here are some behind the scenes from my camera phone:

Nicole "Vana White-ing" my lovely garment rack. Gotta utilize your resources when shooting on location!

 Desiree working on the fabulous smokey eye on Katherine

Me fixing the 2nd look so it looks fabulous!

Desiree and I- oh so short next to the model- making final adjustments

Nicole shooting Katherine

Katherine wearing a jumper and blouse by Ai for Ai, chain scarf by BTFL People, ring by Robert Anthony

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This week's line up

Today I spent all day in wardrobe pulls!

Shooting tomorrow with Nicole Hill Photography, MUA & Hair Desiree Foote, Katherine @ Vision, and the FABULOUS stylist, yours truly, ME! Sheree Carella :)
We're shooting a Spring submission with pops of color, so stay tuned for behind the scenes and eventually full edits!

Saturday I'm shooting with Andrea Pun and Ruby @ Next with a tribal/native american theme. We have a great headpiece and I'm going to mix some new age tribal inspired pieces :)

Sunday I'm shooting with Michael Stonis and Nadiya @ Photogenics for submission with a 90's grunge type feel, we have a great line up of locations and I'm super excited!

Thanks for following! Wish me luck :)

Photos from Charles Lucima Shoot

I got the photos back a few days ago and haven't been able to post them!

Photography: Charles Yeh/ Lucima
Styling: Sheree Carella
Hair & Make-up: Kathleen Ty
Model: Chelsea @ Photogenics

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just a Tuesday

Starting to book some more gigs for next week so it will be time to contact designers that will work with my upcoming concepts. It takes a lot of time and effort for this part, but is all worth it in the end.

I finally finished all of my returns from the last wardrobe pulls, now it's time to go back at it again! I'm starting to get a lot of pictures from last week's 8 shoots in 5 days, but I plan on posting them once I get all of the shots from each shoot, so you will have to be patient! :)'

 Until tomorrow! 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Kesler Tran's Shoot From Last Thursday

Just got some of the photo's back from last week's shoot with Kesler!

Photography: Kesler Tran
Stylist: Sheree Carella
MUA & Hair: Cassie Lyons

Leather Armor by Jenny Araskog

 Mesh & Leather Dress by Ellie Lavelle
 Geometric Trousers by Jenny Araskog
 Cape by Amy Gambacorta

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts! Hopefully more to come!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Today's Lingerie Shoot

Had a great shoot today with photographer Chris Steinbach featuring Paloma from Industry Models using lingerie from Candid Intimates, jewelry from Kristin Coffin and Liz Law, and footwear by Qupid. Rokael did hair and make-up, and I of course did the styling! We shot in a Los Angeles loft for an editorial feel.

Here are some behind the scenes pics taken with my camera phone. Edited pics to follow sometime this week, so stay tuned!

Hair and Make-up by: Rokael Lizama:

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Make-up and Made-up By Kathleen Ty: Some behind the scene Pics from todays shoot with ...

Make-up and Made-up By Kathleen Ty: Some behind the scene Pics from todays shoot with ...: Check out Make-up artist Kathleen Ty's recent post about our shoot with LUCIMA on Friday!

2 shoots today!

Had 2 shoots IMMEDIATELY back to back today to style. 11 AM call time with Rob Polgar went well. We shot lingerie and some fashion in a gorgeous home in the hills.

Left the first shoot at 5 to have to be at the 2nd shoot by 5:30 with Graham Dunn. "Sex in the City" theme but Graham put his own twist on it. We did vampy black and red sexy fashion with a grunge feel.. tires, car and car garage, also on a red backdrop with some studio shots. I'm really looking forward to seeing the outcome on these as I got to do them super stylized and they are for submission! Let's hope they get picked up!

I'm exhausted from my 8 shoots in 5 days, but my port will be rockin! Tomorrow I am shooting lingerie with Chris Steinbach with Paloma from Industry Models. I'm looking forward to that and it's supposed to be at another rockin mansion!

Stay tuned for pics from this week's shoots!! xxo