Saturday, January 15, 2011

2 shoots today!

Had 2 shoots IMMEDIATELY back to back today to style. 11 AM call time with Rob Polgar went well. We shot lingerie and some fashion in a gorgeous home in the hills.

Left the first shoot at 5 to have to be at the 2nd shoot by 5:30 with Graham Dunn. "Sex in the City" theme but Graham put his own twist on it. We did vampy black and red sexy fashion with a grunge feel.. tires, car and car garage, also on a red backdrop with some studio shots. I'm really looking forward to seeing the outcome on these as I got to do them super stylized and they are for submission! Let's hope they get picked up!

I'm exhausted from my 8 shoots in 5 days, but my port will be rockin! Tomorrow I am shooting lingerie with Chris Steinbach with Paloma from Industry Models. I'm looking forward to that and it's supposed to be at another rockin mansion!

Stay tuned for pics from this week's shoots!! xxo

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