Sunday, January 30, 2011

Had a fabulous shoot today with Michael Stonis!

I had a great time on my shoot today with photographer Michael Stonis, assisted by Chris Brown. Carolyn @ Industry ended up modeling for us, and I shot with her twice just a week or so ago, but it was great because we already knew each other. Jose Monzon did a fabulous job on hair and makeup. I have already worked with every one at least one other time so I was confident with our rockin team!

Like I mentioned before, we were shooting a 90's-esque grunge but still pretty style. We shot in Stanton (O.C. Area) and got an old janky motel and shot inside the room, a bit outdoor, a bus, and a hole in the wall hamburger joint. It was a long day but will all be worth it, I'm pretty excited to see the outcome, and I'm sure I'll be bugging Michael for the photos soon, so stay posted! We will be submitting these, so I may not be able to show you just yet :)

You know the routine, here are my lovely camera phone behind the scenes photos:

 Another fabulous garment rack (Motel shower bar)

Jose working his magic to make our look perfect!

Michael shooting Carolyn in the motel room

Carolyn being a bad ass

 Me adjusting Carolyn for our last look

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  1. I just can't wait to see the result....,I believe your "golden touch" make any photographer get a more beautiful picture. Cheers from Jakarta