Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This week's line up

Today I spent all day in wardrobe pulls!

Shooting tomorrow with Nicole Hill Photography, MUA & Hair Desiree Foote, Katherine @ Vision, and the FABULOUS stylist, yours truly, ME! Sheree Carella :)
We're shooting a Spring submission with pops of color, so stay tuned for behind the scenes and eventually full edits!

Saturday I'm shooting with Andrea Pun and Ruby @ Next with a tribal/native american theme. We have a great headpiece and I'm going to mix some new age tribal inspired pieces :)

Sunday I'm shooting with Michael Stonis and Nadiya @ Photogenics for submission with a 90's grunge type feel, we have a great line up of locations and I'm super excited!

Thanks for following! Wish me luck :)

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