Thursday, August 11, 2011

Well haven't I been just the worst blogger?!

Hey lovers and friends.. I have been such a bad blogger!
I take a lot of behind the scenes photos and then just haven't had the time to blog.. Anyway, I've done a lot since!

I'd have to say the most exciting recent jobs I did were styling 2 Enrique Iglesias music videos in one weekend! It was crazy long 14 hour days, home to sleep, and then back early in the AM!

The first video we shot for 2 days was "Dirty Dancer." I got to style those dirty dancers :)
They were extremely talented pole dancers doing crazy acrobatic moves. 
The theme for my styling was futuristic, sexy, pole dancers. I pulled some beyond amazing pieces but ran into some struggles because the talent had to be able to dance in the garments. Typically when I think futuristic, crazy shapes and contoured shoulders and neck pieces come to mind. However, there is a reason pole dancers wear minimal clothing (which I soon learned). The use their skin and body parts for grip, so that eliminated a lot of my options. 
Check out the video and you will see I did get to use a small shoulder piece by Roman & Ramirez on the first girl.. Then on the last girl who plays lead I got to put on some amazing pieces from a designer out of Dubai on her after she leaves the pole and walks out of the virtual screen to Enrique.

 Me (wearing Ai for Ai) and the amazingly beautiful Enrique Iglesias after a long 3 days of work:

 Look on the first talent:

Richard Carlton on Make Up:

Wardrobe I pulled for the video (that silver glass dress was put on singer Nayer but didn't make the cut, and later JLo wore that exact piece on her recent tour):

The fabulous James Sartain on hair:

The AMAZING Angela Peralta ( on Make Up

Look on the lead talent:

ANNNNNNNND the moment you have all been waiting for.. 
The music video, itself (already at 22 million views):

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  1. AWWW Ree you did a great job!!! Miss you bunches!
    luv you
    ps didnt have any of those accounts so posting as anonymous.. lol